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How to Create High-Quality Backlinks the Search Engines Will Love

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One great benefit of article marketing is the generation of high-quality backlinks.

Simply put, a backlink is a link to your website from another website. There is a difference in quality of backlinks, and search engines know the difference. When marketers first learned that search engines rewarded websites that had many links from other websites, they began to establish link farms (they traded links with each other) that were nothing more than pages upon pages of links. Clearly, these links were not helpful, either for someone looking to follow a link, or for the search engines, who at first supposed all the links meant a high-quality site was being linked to.

As search engines got smarter, marketers realized they needed links to be contextual: that is, there should be a body of content (at least a paragraph) surrounding the backlink. This new understanding defeated the purpose of link farms, and marketers began to understand and see the value in article marketing: They could write one article, send it to 100 or more article sites, hopefully have it reprinted several times, and have contextual (high-value) backlinks from a number of sources.

Generating quality backlinks is one of the real values in article marketing. But search engines have gotten smarter still, and they now tend to see this as a form of link spamming (though not as bad as the link farms).

So how can a marketer engage in article marketing to generate backlinks without appearing to spam? By subtly changing your content for every 20 or so submissions you make. Some marketers change the context immediately surrounding their website link, which is good, but I suggest you go a step further and actually edit your article a bit. If you aim for a 300 word article, and you write 350 words, pare it down to your original goal and submit your article to 20 or 25 sites.

Then, edit your article (and resource box) by working back in the extra 50 words and removing others to create a very similar, yet different, article (you can keep the same title). Submit again to another 20 sites or so. You can do this over and over again, because each time you rework your article (and your resource box), you will change the content enough that it doesn’t appear as though you are link spamming.

This is how you generate quality backlinks that search engines love.

About the Author

Jeremy M. Hoover is an online freelance writer who specializes in article writing for website owners to use to establish themselves as experts and generate traffic, leads, and backlinks. If you need articles, Jeremy can write them for you fast. Contact him through his website, www.jhooverwebcopy.com (or at jeremyhoover AT gmail.com), and mention this code—EA8405—to buy up to 20 articles for $5 each (when purchased at one time).

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