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How and Why to Start Writing Articles to Promote Your Website in the Search Engine

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We will cover all the facets of writing articles in this piece. Later on you can learn and think about each one of these in detail as and when you choose to.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the oft repeated sentence "I can't write, oh! But I am not an author material" etc. All of you who belong to this category need to re-arrange your perspective. By saying this I am not trying to sound like a guru. I am the most practical person I know and really, I will give you a simple foolproof formula to writing articles to promote your website on search engine. In return I will just ask for one favor. Try it. Please don't just read this piece and leave it at that.

You could be writing article about any subject that interests you and more important you have some knowledge about. Remember writing articles is more about thinking and understanding of the subject than flair and flow. It all follows. If you have written letters, if you send mails, if you have written answer sheets in school exam, it proves you can write. And writing articles to promote your website is easier than you think. Because it requires technique and knowledge, not flair and imagination, components we normally associate with writing articles.

Coming to Why should you be writing articles; People on the net are looking for suitable content to publish on their sites. Webmasters, ezine and ebook publishers, forum moderators.. everyone is looking for content. Google is looking for content everywhere after all! So everyone else might as well be folowing it. Google checks relevancy on content on all the above and therefore these people want to include appropriate content on their respective sites, ezines etc etc. Your writing of articles will be used by these people. They will publish your articles on their sites, ezines etc and in reciprocation shall offer you a resource box where your short bio will be there along with your website's link. This means you get one link from a site with whom you are not linking. its a one way link! One way linking helps you move up the search engine faster. Take note, the website or forum publishing your article is direclty or indirectly related to your own main theme. Writing articles is a great way to improve link popularity.

Points to remember while writing articles to promote your website: The subject of your article should be similar to the theme of the website you own or operate. If your site revolves around Poker, writing article about `Healthy Living' won't help in promoting your site in search engines. Let the article be Poker related. Second important point is that your headline and body of the article should have your main keywords in it. The keywords you are optimizing your site for should find a prominent place in your article and its title. Third point to remember is let the article be around 550-750 words maximum. Amateurs rather stick to short crisp articles than long articles.

Now the magic tip that I was talking about. Write just one article, keeping the above points in mind and submit it to www.goarticles.com. One submission is all it takes to fill you with that confidence about writing articles that you never had. Submit and next day, go back and check how many times it has been downloaded. And if the results are encouraging, promise me, you will place this article on your website to help others like you who think writing articles to promote your website is not their cup of tea. My share of flesh!

About the Author

The author is Purva Mewar, webmaster of two Work at Home Business websites

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