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How To Get Your Page Ranked High In Search Engines

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Having own website is one of the most effective Internet marketing methods. It may give you a lot of visitors if you manage to get a high ranking in search engines.

Search engines have great importance to online business. When people look for something on the net they usually use search engines to type in keywords, and a search engine returns a list of matches to the request from its database. If your web page is listed within the first 30 matches (perhaps up to the first 100 matches) you will get traffic. But if itís ranking lower than that your chances to receive visitors are slim. Thus, itís a matter of great import to optimize your page so to be listed near the top position.

Needless to say you have to submit your page to major search engines to be included into their database. Only after that people will be able to find your site through search engines. Itís the first and very simple step you have to do.

More difficult is to gain some knowledge about meta tags. While human eyes see and enjoy pictures and text of your page, a search engine examines HTML Ė the code language used to build web pages. You may see what a search engines sees if you click in your browser View then Source. The meta tags should go inside the header tags (between and ). If your page doesnít have correct meta tags search engines will give it low ranking.

Most important meta tags are keyword meta tag and description meta tag. Here are some tips to write them correctly.

You should choose keywords which are relevant to your web page, i.e. which are present in the body of your page. If you put keywords that are not in the body of your page, your page will be ranking low. If your site has nothing to do with adult material, do not use adult related keywords. Keep in mind that search engines give priority to the first few words, so concentrate on your main keywords and put them in the beginning of keyword meta tag. You may use up to 1000 characters for your keywords, but only first 250 characters will be considered. To boost relevancy put as many keywords as you can among the first 25 words of the body of your page. Your keywords should also be in your title tag and description meta tag.

Description meta tags are normally displayed by search engines together with your page title in the search results. So itís wise that the first words of the description capture the attention of searchers. Keep description to no more than 25 words and include keywords in it.

Itís extremely important to write meta tags properly. But actually itís only a small part of optimizing your page because search engines do not rank web pages merely based on meta tags. Surprisingly, but different search engines treat meta tags differently and what is good for one engine may be not good for another one.

In fact, page optimization is quite an art. Many people enjoy the process of mastering this art, but many find it too complicated. If you fall in the latter category, there are programs available at reasonable price to help you.

Try Search Engine MAX software. It will optimize your pages based on keywords. It will consider each search engine personality. It will submit your site to the most important engines, then will check its position and determine which engine sends you the most traffic. It will let you know if your site stays on top or falls in rank and you have to re-optimize it. In the final analysis it will let you achieve high ranking in the search engines and get visitors.

You need visitors to make sales. You need high ranking in search engines to get visitors. You need to optimize your pages to get high ranking. These are the steps to success.

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To check Search Engine MAX click here: http://www.marketingchallenge.com/cgi-bin .cgi/192890/semax/

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