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How To Conceal Your Website’s “Fingerprint” From The Search Engines

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The internet marketing industry is now flooded with various page and portal generators.

In the good old days the gateway page generators did very well, earning a lot of money for many people.

Then the search engines began to crack down on robot-generated pages, a trend which has led to the demise of such tools.

But how is it that the search engines are able to track down these sites so fast?

Well, its not rocket science. Believe me, even you could track down a site within minutes if you knew how to find its fingerprint.

A fingerprint for a site is usually a piece of text or a paragraph or at times a particular CSS style that the software repeats for all the sites it generates.

In fact that's why I always advise customers of my portal generation software Niche Portal Builder to modify the default templates.

If you use such software with the default templates provided and don't modify the HTML, you can be sure that hundreds of others are doing the same thing.

All it takes is one jealous competitor to complain to Google. And, BAM!.. your site gets banned.

Modifying the templates to create a unique site is definitely one way to go, but there are several others ways to make your site unique.

RSS is a great way to make your site "unfingerprintable".

But most RSS scripts available in the market today just display the feed content as is without modifying it.

The ideal way to use RSS feeds in a truly “unprintable” fashion would be to aggregate more than one RSS feed and display them randomly..

By aggregating and randomizing several feeds you can guarantee that your content will be unique.

PPC feeds from Amazon, Revenue Pilot and Search feed can add extra content to your sites that make it unique, and earn a few dollars for you at the same time.

All the three PPC sites listed above provide their feeds in XML format and also provide sample PHP code that can convert this into regular HTML.

If you use page generators to create your websites, use them responsibly to ensure the "longevity" of your websites.

And if you use RSS feeds on your site, remember to “randomize” them to conceal your site’s fingerprint from the search engines.

About the Author

Satyajeet Hattangadi is the Owner of Novasoft Inc , creators of RSS Randomizer , a unique php script that aggregates and randomizes RSS feeds to make your site "unfingerprintable"

This article may be reprinted provided the resource box is kept intact.


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